of foreign withholding taxes

Speed up the process of reclaiming foreign withholding taxes with the help of RaQuest. Once RaQuest is implemented, you can rely on a fast, easy and above all profitable refund.

In nightly import runs, all relevant data is automatically analyzed and evaluated. This assessment includes elements such as performance audit and client- and claim audits. The system then selects the best possible option for the customer.

The largely automated claiming process is carried out in accordance with the rules and then transmitted to foreign authorities or custodian - here, of course, the rules applicable to the respective country are taken into account.

Make the withholding tax reclaim a profitable service

As soon as RaQuest recognizes an incoming payment, it is automatically allocated correctly and the software creates the correct booking records Finally, an invoice is independently issued to the customer - making the reclaim process a profitable service for you. The software can also be used to create comprehensive reports.

Core topics of the software solution are the largely automatic creation of claims, the simple reimbursement and derecognition of incoming payments. Extensive task and information control make the application much more efficient and optimize the entire claim process. For a complete process security, features such as deadline monitoring, logging and the dual control principle are centrally integrated in RaQuest.


Rule-compliant application for all customer types (including transparent constructs)

Performance audits

Mass processing

Automatic recognition of refunds and derecognitions



License model

With the license model you do not need external service providers. You can plan and control your reclaims yourself with RaQuest

Service model

With the service model of RaQuest we take over the complete process from claiming to booking out on site