Digital transformation

in financial institutions

Secure the future with process digitization

The pressure on banks in the face of declining interest income and disruptive competitors such as FinTechs is growing more and more. It is time to react to the changing market conditions and to focus on efficient business processes. Digital change and properly used information technologies increase profitability and thus secure the long-term future.

The range of options for initiating intelligent automation of processes is diverse and extends from various customer services and customer relations management to internal risk management and compliance.

Hyper Automation creates Process-Efficiency

Analyze processes, uncover inefficiencies and automate procedures. These measures are mandatory for successful digital change. Hyperautomation brings together all components of process automation. Process Excellence succeeds with Process Mining, BPM and RPA and enables financial institutions to optimize business processes holistically and to remain competitive.

Process Mining

Get to the bottom of processes and uncover optimization potential

Business Process Management (BPM)

Model and improve processes from start to finish

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Let software bots take over activities automatically

Hyper Automation in the application for loans

The expectations of customers are rising. Today's banking customer expects products and services to integrate seamlessly into daily life and deliver consistent value. For example, the use of innovative technologies makes the lending process digital and efficient, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.

Process Mining

Identify weaknesses within the existing process

The lending process is to be digitally mapped and optimized. Process mining is used to focus on the actual process and to uncover inefficiencies in the form of manual activities and long processing times.

Business Process Management

Digital mapping and automation of target process

With the knowledge gained from process mining, the more efficient target process is modeled using BPM and then the workflow for granting loans is automated.

Robotic Process Automation

Transfer tasks to software bots

Robots take over individual process components in credit allocation that were previously performed manually by employees - faster and with higher processing quality.

More efficient process

Higher quality of service

Reduced process costs

Full transparency

Digital Workplace

The digital and flexible workplace of the future