Digital application processes

Submit applications for withholding tax reclaims digitally via the STTI interface

More and more claiming authorities are digitising their processes - this includes the avoidance or reclaim of foreign withholding taxes. The submission of physical forms is being replaced by digital procedures. Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands require data to be transferred via web interfaces, among other methods, while Switzerland requires only the digital transfer of all information and documents for applications from Germany from the 2020 revenue year onwards. Financial institutions must prepare themselves technically for these new procedures.

Data transfer between banking system and claiming authorities

Provide withholding tax service to all clients also in the future - regardless of the required application procedure

Paper-based applications will gradually be replaced by new automated application processes. What is a great advantage for claiming authorities, means high effort for banks.

The respective systems of the countries have to be connected in a technically complex way, interfaces to the systems have to be kept up-to-date and country specifics (different data, technical formats and processes) have to be considered. Automation is also difficult to integrate into existing processes, as data and documents from different systems have to be combined and manual, paper-based steps are required, such as obtaining signatures.

The interface STTI handles all these tasks. This enables banks to offer their customers the service of withholding tax reclaim even for countries with digital application procedures.


Easy integration into processes

For automated process steps, the interface can be linked to any existing system. STTI is based on standard formats and can be technically connected everywhere.


Use for several countries

Via the interface, data can be communicated with different claiming authorities without having to worry about specifics of the respective systems and technologies.


Uniform data exchange

The system offers a uniform interface in terms of technology and data format. Internal systems only need to be coupled once, so that integration efforts are drastically reduced compared to a direct coupling with each claiming authority.


High security & compliance with data protection

The banking sector requires a higher level of protection. This is ensured by encrypted data transmission, storage and access control mechanisms. As soon as an application process is completed, all data protection-relevant information is deleted; non-data protection-relevant information is retained for traceability.


Use STTI with or without RaQuest

STTI integration in RaQuest

The STTI interface connects the withholding tax software RaQuest with claiming authorities - for an automated end-to-end reclaim process

STTI as stand-alone

The STTI interface can also be used without the implementation of RaQuest - for an application via your existing system

Would you like to automate not only the data transfer but the entire process of withholding tax handling?

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